PE Whyborne


Tall, but too thin. Bookish, pale, and in need of a haircut. Whyborne (as he prefers to be called) spends the majority of his time inside and away from the sun. He is a fairly young man, in his late 20s. His clothing is well maintained and practical, not fashionable.

He often walks with a walking stick emblazoned with his family’s crest in the brass handle. While fashionable, it’s mostly for personal defense – sheathed in the stick is a long thin blade for times when a whack from the brass head doesn’t chase off trouble.


Percival Endicott Whyborne is the second son of Niles Whyborne, the heir to a railroad empire. His older brother, Stanford, is his only other sibling.

Whyborne spurned his father by not attending his alma mater nor joining the family business. Instead, he entered Miskatonic University, gaining his doctorate in philology. While studying for his degree, Whyborne began working at the Miskatonic University Exhibit Museum. Today, he continues to be employed by the museum, helping to sort and maintain their ever-growing collection.

While his family may have considerable wealth, Whyborne doesn’t seem to have access to it. He lives in a modest apartment not far from the museum and there is no evidence of any endowments to the University or museum in the Whyborne name.

Whyborne is a member of the fencing club at Miskatonic University, although he isn’t very good. It’s a hobby he kept from his days at boarding school. He travels occasionally to any city he can reach by train, almost exclusively to cities with renowned museums.

He is a consummate bachelor, although friendly to those at the Museum and University. He’s not know to frequent any taverns or social clubs, but is a common figure at the town’s booksellers and antique shops.

PE Whyborne

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